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iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test 2 Tests per Pack,FDA EUA Authorized OTC at-Home Self Test, Results in 15 Minutes

iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test 2 Tests per Pack,FDA EUA Authorized OTC at-Home Self Test, Results in 15 Minutes

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  • FDA Authorized 15-Minute Self-Test: The test is a 15-minute self-test to detect whether or not an individual has COVID-19. The test can be completed in the comfort of your own home without the need to ship your sample to a lab.
  • The iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test is a lateral flow assay intended for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2.
  • Easy to Use with Zero Discomfort: Test can be done by inserting 1/2 to 3/4 inch of a simple non-invasive nasal swab. Step-by-step instructional videos are available in our app (Installation of app is optional).
  • For Ages 2 and Above : The self-administered test is recommended for individuals aged 15 years and older. Adult-collection is required for testing children 2-14 years old.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alfred Engels
They worked!

Was super sick, so used same-day delivery on these bad boys. I had COVID!!! It was so awesome haha jk. But, they get the job done and they're not super expensive. I used to work as a COVID test swabber, and these were better than those.

Lavonia Wittel
Easiest accurate test out there.

Highly recommended. Easy to use antigen test, and, in my experience, accurate. I was tested at work by PCR and the iHealth test always corroborated the negative PCR results. When I could not get the PCR, and I had mild flu-like symptoms, this test confirmed it was COVID. Probably Omicron (based on the timing of my infection and that wave). When my 5 days of mild symptoms subsided, I tested again and was still positive. Day 11, negative. The iHealth tests showed stronger then weaker and weaker signals then none. This gave me confidence they were quantitative, more than just positive and negative.

Being vaccinated and boosted gave me the greatest reassurance that I would not be hospitalized or dead, but the iHealth tests gave me reassurance that I had no more active virus and I could come out of isolation. My family stayed negative throughout, and the tests helped me know when I could emerge from my isolation with confidence. Published studies suggest I was probably not shedding much live virus for the later stages, but the iHealth antigen test took the guesswork out of when I could rejoin my family without any concern at all.

One more thing I liked about the iHealth test - it was robust enough that I could do a throat swab AND a nasal swab to be sure I would not get a false negative test. If I was producing Sars-CoV-2, I wanted to KNOW. So I *gently* stroked the *sides* of the back of my throat, and gently stroked my uvula (that hanging-down thing at the back of your throat), with the sides of the swab, then I swabbed each nostril as instructed. If there was virus around, I wanted to be sure it was on the sample. Anyway, I was concerned that throat mucus or salivary enzymes might compromise the test. It seemed they did not. The test was highly positive when I was symptomatic (mild sore throat, mild headache), then when I sampled the same way each time, it was less and less positive. The fact I swabbed my throat and nostrils, and still came up negative, made me quite confident I was virus-free.

I was glad I had the iHealth test to take the guesswork out of knowing when I was no longer shedding virus.

Brittany Mccally
Good Item to give quick Results

This is a good item to quickly detect whether you are Covid Positive. The product comes with 2 test kits, and having two test kits is a better option as sometimes we feel the symptoms, but the test comes negative. So in order to be clear, I would recommend testing again maybe around 24-48 hours later to find real results.

Asha Pietrowicz
Best COVID Tests We've Used

These are our favorite COVID tests. It feels weird to say that I have a "favorite," but these are definitely the easiest to use and do a nice job. I can't attest to the accuracy for false negatives, but it has caught positive cases quickly when we've first developed symptoms.

Erma Mahuna
An easy-to-use test

This test is easier to use than some others that I have used. Specifically, you don't have to transfer the testing liquid from one container to another before starting the test, and the test only requires 3 drops of the testing liquid after the nasal swab has been swirled around in it instead of the 6 drops that some tests require.
In addition, the line that indicates that you have Covid can be anywhere from extremely light to extremely dark, and at least in my case, its darkness roughly corresponded to how sick I felt. (If you don't have Covid, no line is visible.) So it's possible that at least in some cases, the darkness of that line can give you a general idea of "how severe" your case of Covid is.
Also, the device that shows your test result is small and sturdy, and at least in my case, continues to show the result that it showed weeks ago when I took the test. So I was able to keep a physical record of my multiple test results over time by just keeping all of used test devices in chronological order.