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AC Razor KIT - 2 Five-Blade Cartridges, 1 Ergonomic Razor Handle, 1 Magnetic Hook - The Shave Ever for Men Women -

AC Razor KIT - 2 Five-Blade Cartridges, 1 Ergonomic Razor Handle, 1 Magnetic Hook - The Shave Ever for Men Women -

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About this item

  • Package included: 2 Five-Blade Cartridges, 1 Ergonomic Razor Handle, 1 Magnetic Hook, the razor kit used for all men or women.
  • Enhanced with a water-activated serum that plays well with even the most sensitive skin. The 5 stainless steel blades are cushioned with skin guards and spaced to allow hair and shave cream to pass through with ease.
  • Built to last with anodized aluminum and a fiberglass internal core
  • Our magnetic hook's angled position is designed to keep your razor safe, sound, and rust-free (and it can also hold your loofa)
  • UV-protected silicone provides the perfect non-slip grip

We've designed, tested, and retested our razor for how people actually shave. Which is often in a hurry, not in their showers, in hard to reach spots, in weird positions, and not just their legs. Meet the Razor Kit for the shavers among us-however, wherever, whyever you shave. Our innovative, curve-loving, body-knowing razor features five spaced-out blades and a moisturizing serum activated by water for the superest, smoothest, closest shave. Wave goodbye to overpriced razors that underdeliver. With an expertly designed handle and skin-soothing blades, this best-in-class razor is in a league of its own - in quality and price.  The Razor Kit contains everything you need for a better, smoother shave. From the beginning, we work with you to customize how frequently you'll receive your replacement blades. Ongoing, we'll deliver as many replacement blades you need, as often as you'd like. We want your razor delivery to be as smooth as it can be, so you can stay stubble-free and stress-free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kerena Verrecchia
Work good,

These work good, I do have to change them every few weeks as I shave my legs and other areas alot but they work well! Love their beautiful color, thanks.

Eulalia Dus
Best shaver

I've used Gillette, Schick, Harry's, etc. but these are the best for closest shave, minimum lather and, quite frankly, the least expensive of all. Great product - great shave!!

Imogen Lund
I’ve tried every razor

I’ve tried every razor made by man! Not only store throw away razors. But Harry’s, Joys, Dollar Shave Club, Billies, and so much more! This is my number 1 razor pick! I most likely shave every day. No razor bumps, no cuts, just smooth legs! I 100% recommended Athena razors! They’re great!

Hertha Troung
So glad I discovered...

So glad I discovered this razor. Blades and handles are wayyy better than Venus and better priced too. Super convenient to have them shipped right to my home and I love the blades and handle is super cute and convenient with the shower magnet holder. Just bought one for my daughter too.

Fairy Donelson
Fantastic razor

This razor feels so smooth and does a great job. The handle is pretty and has a nice weight to it. I love the way the handle is magnetic. My only complaint is the base did not stick to my shower wall